Rainbow of gel pens



The 100 gel pen set is FANTASTIC! I recently purchased a 60 pen gel set off of Amazon and was impressed with that set. But this is TRULY the granddaddy of all gel pen sets! The vibrant colors make my artwork and writing come alive! Even better, they dry quickly and don’t smear!  I don’t think there is any craft project/coloring project/writing project where I can’t find the “perfect” color for the job. The variety (glitter/neon/pastel/metallic/regular) of different colors and different types of inks are AMAZING!

Because there are so many colors and types of ink, I decided to make a color chart displaying all of the 100 gel pen colors. At a quick glance, I can see the exact color I want and then go to my labeled/numbered gel pens and grab that exact color. I am really glad that I took the time to label my pens and make the color chart. It really didn’t take that long and I use my homemade color chart every single time I do a coloring/writing project.




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