Rainbow of gel pens



The 100 gel pen set is FANTASTIC! I recently purchased a 60 pen gel set off of Amazon and was impressed with that set. But this is TRULY the granddaddy of all gel pen sets! The vibrant colors make my artwork and writing come alive! Even better, they dry quickly and don’t smear!  I don’t think there is any craft project/coloring project/writing project where I can’t find the “perfect” color for the job. The variety (glitter/neon/pastel/metallic/regular) of different colors and different types of inks are AMAZING!

Because there are so many colors and types of ink, I decided to make a color chart displaying all of the 100 gel pen colors. At a quick glance, I can see the exact color I want and then go to my labeled/numbered gel pens and grab that exact color. I am really glad that I took the time to label my pens and make the color chart. It really didn’t take that long and I use my homemade color chart every single time I do a coloring/writing project.




Homasy Digital Food Thermometer


This is perfect for checking the temperature for grilling, baking, barbequing, and cooking with liquids.

The thermometer is compact with a probe that folds in and has a built in loop for hanging. Button on handle easily pops out probe.  The probe is retractable and made of stainless steel, making it compact, anti-corrosive, strong, and easy to clean.

As opposed to an analog thermometer, this one has a digital readout, so there’s no line to interpret or figure the temperature reading. It will provide the temperature accurately, it generally took between 15-30 seconds though but up to a minute to give a steady reading.  This will measure in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn this off, as it has a built in auto turn circuit. If it senses you’re not using it for 10 seconds, it will turn off automatically, saving the battery life. Speaking of battery, one is included with order.


I did receive thermometer for testing but all opinions are my own.

Mermaid pants


These leggings are surprisingly comfortable. I was worried that they might be a little scratchy because of the shiny exterior, but I was wrong. These are actually very smooth. I can easily rub my hands over the sparkles on the outside without it being rough on my skin. I ordered the purple and the color is beautiful. You will definitely get noticed in these.They are very shiny and sparkly.

The waistband sits right at the hips, but that’s fine, since wearing with a tunic.  The length comes down to my ankles with about an inch to spare. I do have a big butt and without a lot of stretch in the leggings they fit a little weird. The waistband comes up higher in the front and lower in the back because of this.

I like that there’s actually a little tag in these leggings so you can tell which side is the back. These don’t feel like they’re going to rip or fall apart anytime soon. I can comfortable walk around in these without feeling restricted.  The material is thin and more airy than I expected, but not see-through. The pattern looks just like the picture. I honestly want to go back and buy all the colors now.

Avidlove as usual has produced an excellent product that doesn’t cost me an arm and leg, even at full price.

I was provided product at a discount to test but all opinions are my own.



Roman Chamomile essential oil


Chamomile oil has a lot of benefits for the skin. Camomile essential oils are anti-allergenic, and they help cure acne by removing toxins and cleaning sebaceous and eccrine glands through sweating. As a diuretic, they clean up the urinary system and the kidneys by stimulating increased urination, they detoxify the blood and even increase strength. They can help cure viral infections like mumps or measles and can be used in mouth washes as well, in order to keep away bad breath and eliminate oral infections. Roman Camomile oil is a vasoconstrictor, so it reduces blood pressure by relaxing the constriction of vessels, thereby protecting heart health and reducing the chances of developing conditions like atherosclerosis.

Roman Camomile oil is composed of Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Camphene, Caryophyllene, Sabinene, Myrcene, Gamma Terpinene, Pinocarvone, Farsenol, Cineole, Propyl Angelate and Butyl Angelate. German Camomile oil, on the other hand, is composed of Azulene (also called Chamazulene), Alpha Bisabolol, Bisabolol Oxide-A & B and Bisabolene Oxide-A.

Roman chamomile essential oil has been used throughout history for multiple purposes. Ancient Romans used the oil for mental clarity and courage during war. And it’s said to be nicknamed the “plant’s physician”, because it supposedly benefitted any nearby plants as well. Its aroma has a fruity-herby scent, somewhat sweet, and very calming.

It’s said to work best with the emotions, nervous system, and skin. Chamomile, of most varieties, has been used for centuries to calm and prepare you for a restful sleep, making it a popular oil to use before bed. It’s well-known as a tea, but can also be used on your pillow or PJs too.

I found some cool ways to use this oil and am including them below:

Bath Bomb: Combine 8 oz. of baking soda, 4 oz. of citric acid, 4 oz. of corn starch, 4 oz. of Epsom salts, 3/4 tsp. of water, 2 tsp. Roman Chamomile and Lavender essential oils and 2.5 tsp. almond oil. Press into mold then let dry for 24 hours.

Sleepy Time Spray: Combined witch hazel, 10 drops each of Roman Chamomile and Lavender, and 5 drops Wild Orange essential oils in a 4 oz. spray bottle. Spray on linens before for bed for more restful sleep.

Calming Salve: Combine 1/2 cup coconut oil with 1/4 cup beeswax and heat until mixed. While cooling stir in 15 drops each of Roman Chamomile and Lavender essential oils.

I was provided oil to test, but all opinions are my own.



VicTsing Mobile Optical Mouse

While I’m not a huge fan of its nano-ish size, I knew what to expect before purchase. This mouse performs better than any other mouse I’ve ever tried, outside of professional gaming ones.

It is lively, responsive, and comfortable in-hand. It puts itself to sleep on cue and springs back to life immediately upon a button press. Because of this feature the battery life is phenomenally long lasting. The click rate is on target, and easily adjusted.

I’m actually impressed with this mouse- it works on every surface I have put it to: a glass window; the top of my head; hovering ~ 1/4″ above my desk.

So far I’m quite pleased with this mouse, it has a slimmer profile albeit with a more comfortable hand feel than a traditional fullsize mouse, this is not an ambidextrous mouse, this is meant for the right hand. Additionally it’s not a quiet/silent mouse, you do hear the standard audible click, which with any mouse user really shouldn’t be a problem.

Hook-up was a breeze and the mouse synced to my computer almost immediately.

Mouse was provided for testing but all opinions are my own.