VicTsing Mobile Optical Mouse

While I’m not a huge fan of its nano-ish size, I knew what to expect before purchase. This mouse performs better than any other mouse I’ve ever tried, outside of professional gaming ones.

It is lively, responsive, and comfortable in-hand. It puts itself to sleep on cue and springs back to life immediately upon a button press. Because of this feature the battery life is phenomenally long lasting. The click rate is on target, and easily adjusted.

I’m actually impressed with this mouse- it works on every surface I have put it to: a glass window; the top of my head; hovering ~ 1/4″ above my desk.

So far I’m quite pleased with this mouse, it has a slimmer profile albeit with a more comfortable hand feel than a traditional fullsize mouse, this is not an ambidextrous mouse, this is meant for the right hand. Additionally it’s not a quiet/silent mouse, you do hear the standard audible click, which with any mouse user really shouldn’t be a problem.

Hook-up was a breeze and the mouse synced to my computer almost immediately.

Mouse was provided for testing but all opinions are my own.