Homasy Digital Food Thermometer


This is perfect for checking the temperature for grilling, baking, barbequing, and cooking with liquids.

The thermometer is compact with a probe that folds in and has a built in loop for hanging. Button on handle easily pops out probe.  The probe is retractable and made of stainless steel, making it compact, anti-corrosive, strong, and easy to clean.

As opposed to an analog thermometer, this one has a digital readout, so there’s no line to interpret or figure the temperature reading. It will provide the temperature accurately, it generally took between 15-30 seconds though but up to a minute to give a steady reading.  This will measure in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn this off, as it has a built in auto turn circuit. If it senses you’re not using it for 10 seconds, it will turn off automatically, saving the battery life. Speaking of battery, one is included with order.


I did receive thermometer for testing but all opinions are my own.


VicTsing Mobile Optical Mouse

While I’m not a huge fan of its nano-ish size, I knew what to expect before purchase. This mouse performs better than any other mouse I’ve ever tried, outside of professional gaming ones.

It is lively, responsive, and comfortable in-hand. It puts itself to sleep on cue and springs back to life immediately upon a button press. Because of this feature the battery life is phenomenally long lasting. The click rate is on target, and easily adjusted.

I’m actually impressed with this mouse- it works on every surface I have put it to: a glass window; the top of my head; hovering ~ 1/4″ above my desk.

So far I’m quite pleased with this mouse, it has a slimmer profile albeit with a more comfortable hand feel than a traditional fullsize mouse, this is not an ambidextrous mouse, this is meant for the right hand. Additionally it’s not a quiet/silent mouse, you do hear the standard audible click, which with any mouse user really shouldn’t be a problem.

Hook-up was a breeze and the mouse synced to my computer almost immediately.

Mouse was provided for testing but all opinions are my own.